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Stealth Fan Set

This stealth fan set includes a super-silent Gelid fan, and Kodama fan, custom made to reduce the noise level. This set is a great addition to your Trinus to reduce the noise of the fans from 62.0 dB* to 54.7 dB*, giving you the Rolls Royce of 3D printing.

Stealth Fan needs Firmware Version 362
Certain new fans, including our Stealth Fan, require firmware version 362 to work. Firmware version 362 should be installed only if you use the Stealth Fan but are currently using firmware version 356 that works with the old fan. For the new fan only, you can download the firmware and instructions on installation here:
Firmware 362*
*(Not an update; should be used only with Stealth Fan):
How to install the Firmware

Please check out the installation video beneath to learn how to add your fans.
*measured using ‘DecibelX

Trinus - Quiet Fan Kit Installation from Kodama, Inc.

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